Our Purpose

GPT International Fellowship, a 501c3 Private foundation, is an extension of GPTOutreach Center located in Wilmington, NC. GPTIF provides assistance to people both locally and internationally to those in need. 

Real People | Solving Real World Issues

Apostle Richard D. Warren Jr and Miriam Warren, founders of GPTO and GPTFI, are not your average pastors. They have NO DESIRE TO BUILD CHURCHES BUT A PASSION TO BUILD PEOPLE. With over 380,000 churches in America, Apostle Richard Warren Jr. was not interested in building another one. 

GPTIF was birthed out of the frustration of Apostle Warren seeing churches on every corner, yet none of them had the resources to help the people. Apostle Warren decided solve this problem by networking people and leaders in community to help.

After extensive research, Apostle realized that this issue was not limited to his own back yard or country. This is a world wide issue! GPTIF wants to have a hand in eradicating the problems of limitation in the lives of people in every area Finance, Food, Health, Education and More. 


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Over 10,000 homeless in the Carolinas