Our Programs

"Give a man a fish and he will eat today. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
- Chinese Proverb

Trade and On The Job Training

Getting a job can be hard without real skills in today’s climate of technology on the rise. GPTIF provides trade and on the job training such as car repair, HVAC, typing, and video audio training.

Homeless and Food Assistance

Our goal is to build buildings to house one million women, men and children batteling homelessness. Currently we provide food assistance and partner with local shelters to send those in need to. 

Domestic Violence Assistance

We partner with local agencies around the country to assist Domestic Violence victims with a safe and confidential place to transition to a new life. 

Reentry Program

Millions of men and women are incarcerated around the country and worldwide but have nowhere to go after release. We provide programs such as on the job training, GED programs, mental health , drug program, felon job assistance and housing to help decrease the chance of recidivism.

GED | High School Diploma

We provide GED and High school diploma programs for adults who did not have a chance to complete schooling. We also assist them with resources to enter into higher education programs and on the job training once graduated. 

ID Assistance

Those who have been released from prison, have health or mental health issues, financial issues that may limit their ability to attain an ID GPTIF can assist with helping preparing, completing and submitting paper work to get an ID.

A Global Initiative. Extending outreach beyond our local municipality

GPT International Fellowship, a 501c3 Private foundation, is an extension of GPTOutreach Center located in Wilmington, NC. GPTIF provides assistance to people both locally and internationally to those in need.